What is social enterprise

Social Enterprise

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Social enterprise is the destination of social innovation and human-centered-design (design thinking) to some extent, that is the entity to practice social innovation and HCD ( human-centered-design ), where you can actually engage with.

“A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good.” –AMYANN CADWELL

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First, we have to differentiate the entity between NGOs and social enterprises, which most people find is confusing and tricky. The social enterprise is the social business, a non-loss, non-dividend company to address social problems, and the profits are invested into the business itself. The prime aim for social enterprise is not to maximize profits like the business sectors do, but to expand the social impact while the owner is not allowed to have any dividend from the profits. However NGOs are aiming to provide social services without or with fewer costs for “clients”, and mostly they rely on external funds from the government or private.

“NGOs dollars have only one life, a social enterprise dollars can be invested over and over again” Quoted from a very famous social entrepreneur: Muhammad Yunus, who starts and expands his social entrepreneurship in Bangladesh and worldwide later on. Furthermore, he was even honored with the Nobel peace prize.

Credit to http://grupobcc.com/en/speakers/muhammad-yunus/

We often imagine and illusion another way to do charity, (cause the charity organizations mainly rely on funds heavily and has less control over their services and also with so many restrictions or paperwork, which makes the staff burn-out easily) it is very delight for us to find social innovation&social enterprise, a way to solve social problems, a way to serve people in need, a way to achieve the social impact. Nevertheless, social service has its own mission to accomplish and it is not replaceable by social enterprise.

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