What is design thinking

“Developing creativity techniques in the 1950s and new design methods in the 1960s led to the idea of design thinking as a particular approach to creatively solving problems. Among the first authors to write about design thinking was John E. Arnold in “Creative Engineering” (1959) and L. Bruce Archer in “Systematic Method for Designers” (1965).” This is a brief history of design thinking.

Design thinking is an innovative way of approaching problems involved with consistent processes and techniques.

Design thinking

Design thinking, this term has been developed over the years, and IDEO expanded the fume of design thinking. IDEO is a famous global design company aiming to create a positive impact through design. They initiated the design thinking in the business sector first and then penetrated the public sector, therefor they build another company which is IDEO.ORG, where design thinking transformed into “human-centered-design” which grasped the essence of the design thing. And it becomes the holy term for social innovators nowadays.

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Credit to IDEO.org