What is Ireland’s ‘Housing for all’ plan?

The Ireland government published their ‘Housing for All’ 2022 progress report on 7th April 2022, which shows the progress in delivering affordable homes, construction sector capacity, innovation and planning reforms.

The ‘Housing for All’ is the housing plan for Ireland to the end of 2030, which aims to provide every citizen an affordable home to purchase or rent at a reasonable price, in order to have a high standard living of life.

The houses are built for affordability that is 20% lower than the market price, plus a €250 million local home loan available for 2022, moreover, they hope to deliver an additional 1,319 houses for the homeless in the period to 2026, also for disabled people, to eradicate homelessness and support social inclusion.

According to the plan, by the end of 2030, 300,000 homes will be available, including 90,000 social homes; 36,000 affordable purchase homes, 18,000 ‘Cost Rental’ homes and approximately 156,000 private homes.

The full report is available at – Housing for All – Q1 2022 Progress Report (


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