Here is what you should do if you truly want to know about the Ukraine crisis

Since yesterday, Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, there’s tons of information and news everywhere, which is difficult for normal people to distinguish the facts from them. We want people to get aware of what is really happening in Ukraine, also to filter out misformation, so here is what you should do:

Follow the trusted sources, not influenced by a political standpoint:

Big news channels are trustworthy, the New York Times, CNN, The Guardian, etc, but some of them have their standpoint, so you can sense their political views before you fall into their circle. For example, Fox News said that ‘Putin just wants to keep his western border secure’ in their headline yesterday, which is the total opposite of the facts and that is why you should avoid such information.

Image source: CNN

In addition, it is more recommended to follow the government’s official channels to keep updated, for instance, the Defence of Ukraine Twitter, also Bellingcat has collected the Lists of Twitter accounts to follow for people who want to know about the conflict.

Double-check the source:

The photo of the burning plane was released yesterday on Twitter, saying it was shot during the Ukraine crisis, and Bellingcat later revealed that the image was taken in 1993 and people used it to boost their internet flow as it was for the Ukraine crisis. So if you ever doubt the images or information you receive, please double check your source, and we recommend Bellingcat organization, they are an open-source investigation platform aimed to find the truth, and they have started their project to document this Ukraine crisis in order to hold Russia accountable for the consequences.

Distinguish between facts and opinion/emotion/judgment:

The internet is full of information, and we humans are rational beings since we have different points of view rather than facts, so we can easily be influenced by others’ views. We respect people’s views regarding this crisis, but we hope you could distinguish them from facts, in order to form your own, not led by others.


‘A Russian armed vehicle ran over a civilian car on the street of Kyiv’s Oberon district’

‘Ukrainian Army destroys the large force of Russian invasion from southern Crimea’

‘In Lviv, western Ukraine, sirens sounded as loudspeakers urged people to seek shelter’



‘Wasn’t Putin supposed to invade Ukraine over the weekend according to US intel sources’

‘Maybe Ukraine should have given up joining Nato to avoid this bloodshed’

‘It is all because of the weakness of Western countries, Nato and the UN’


Do not stop at the title:

A media title is the first impression so it is attractive and usually exaggerated. With the fast load of life, most people would stop at reading the titles, not go deep into the content, which may limit the understanding of the whole crisis. And it is mostly can be seen in the Russian and Chinese media.

Chinese media title: Ukraine is being abandoned by the west and everyone is frightened.
Russian state TV paints Moscow as the savior of eastern Ukraine
(Image source: apnews)

It is important to fight misinformation or fake news, because we all may become one of the victims of it one day.


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