Empathy should be applied in ‘The Great Resignation’

In our earlier article, we’ve talked about the serious and unique situation happening around the world that so many people have left their jobs during Covid-19, which we call ‘The Great Resignation’. So what should we do in this torrent of times as an individual?

We Need Empathy:

Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. And it is especially important in critical situations because we need to understand each other in their position and think for them so that we can come to a point on which we both shall agree.

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As an employer:

In Covid-19, business is hard to operate and survive, let alone lose some staff on the way. With the influence of the great resignation, the employer should grasp the chance to talk through and understand its own staff, for example, having a conversation about the changes in their life, how do they think of their current job, what do they want to achieve and etc, in this way to bring a better understanding. If some staff wants to quit, then the employer may also apply empathy and understand the reasons behind it and work it out together whether it’s about the salary or work schedule or something else, so that both sides can make certain changes and finally work towards the same goals.

As an employee:

Covid-19 has changed the lives of people from all sides, we no longer work in the office, and remote work is becoming the norm. With the impact of the great resignation, you may also want to quit and find a better or high-paid job, then why not consider it as an opportunity to negotiate with your employer with empathy skills, and they may fulfill your wishes without you quitting your job. If you already resigned and still looking for a better bet, then you may think of how to make a difference in your life, for your family, your community also society.

We are all the sands of the torrent of the time, and we all have different perspectives when it comes to such a pandemic, so empathy is applied to understand each other to make better choices and make a difference in each other’s lives.


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