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This company changed the traditional leaf packaging

Leaf packaging is known as using leaves to package products to meet the goals of sustainability and fighting climate change. And nowadays, especially in Asia, there are supermarkets already using the leaf to wrap their products instead of plastic as it is shown below:

Image source: Bord panda

But at another level, this Danish company uses fiber packaging which comes from 100% natural ‘leaves’ such as trees, flowers, fruits, plants and vegetables, that are regenerative materials with no chemicals and will not harm nature. It was designed to fit a product’s lifecycle and is the world´s first and only company manufacturing fiber packaging. It is 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% bio-based, 100% renewable and 50% lower in carbon footprint compared to PET.

Image source: LEAF PACKAGING

Leaf Packaging ApS was founded in Denmark in 2019, with a mission to produce packaging with a strict focus on circularity, responsibility, and diversity. Now it is located in Kirke Værløse, north of Copenhagen in Denmark, and each day, they transform 4 tons of fiber into the packaging to meet the demands. Currently, their packaging covers the products of meat, dairy, convenience, confectionary, medico, beauty, household, fast food, etc. At end of 2020, they show positive figures in equity with nearly 11.5 million DKK.

Image source: LEAF PACKAGING


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