The woman is being chained and ‘forced’ to have 8 children in China

Recently there is a video that went viral in China on the Douyin platform, which is a mainland version of Tiktok, showing a man visiting a poor family. The video was meant to show how hard it can be for a father to raise his eight children alone in a remote village in China, but the video blogger later found the mother living in a poor condition, chained in a shattered dwelling and with only a few buns to barely full her stomach, and wearing only thin clothes in the cold winter in the northern part of China.

The mother. Image source:

This video has triggered people’s curiosity to find out what happened to this woman and why she is being chained. The blogger later interviewed the father and he said his father once found her wandering on the road in 1998, and has taken her home, since then she has been living with them, later on, they got married. But this woman is mentally ill and can be violent sometimes, so he has to lock her up. While people don’t believe the father’s statement and ask for more information.

The father and some kids. Image source:

In between, some people found that this woman looks like a girl who was lost in 1996, so people believe that she has been trafficked to this village and sold to this man. In meantime, people have contacted the lost girl’s mother to match the DNA and hope we can find the answer to this woman’s identity.

People try to compare the look of this mother and that lost girl
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Civilians have done their best to find an answer, while the local government tells its people that the woman is not trafficked and tries to cover it up even though there are lots of suspicions. Lately, people have been asked to delete their Weibo post which contains ‘trafficking’ the word and even get threatened to delete otherwise they will get arrested by the police. ‘It is absurd how easy it is that police can find your personal information to threaten, but they couldn’t apply this ‘technology’ to fight human trafficking?’ people wrote.

Later, there’s even more shocking information leaked from the internet that this woman is not only tortured by one family but by the whole village governs. After being humiliated for so many years, this woman lost hope and finally went crazy. Even though this is a piece of unproven information, but we could imagine how miserable life this woman has and how much pain she had been through.

Unfortunately, this is not a single case that happened in China, each year, there are more than 10000 children and women being trafficked. It is believed to be related to the previous one-child policy, which led to the disparity between women and men populations. Because most the Chinese still prefer boys rather than girls in a long history. It is also related to the imbalanced urban and city development, which attracts most of the people to go to the cities, hence it is difficult for men who live in the village to find a wife.

The year and number of how many trafficking cases have been reported to the police
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Editor saying: if you have watched this movie ‘Dogville’, then you may get a glimpse of this mother’s situation, if you haven’t and are curious to know, then we recommend you watch this movie.


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