The best example to find the truth through omnipresence info – Bellingcat

In 2016, Bellingcat published a report showing that Russia was supporting pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, also attacked the Ukrainian government troops.

In 2017, the British Secret Intelligence Service cited Bellingcat’s report that it is reasonable to believe Russia shot down the MH17 while it was flying over eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Route of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on 17 July 2014 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Image source:

In 2017, for the Syrian Civil War which happened in 2011, Bellingcat published an investigative report on the bombing of a mosque in Aleppo, that the bomb pieces were related to the US military.

In 2018, Bellingcat assisted the BBC’s Africa Eye investigation and found the Cameroon government faked the news of soldiers have been arrested for killing women and children. As a result, the US withdrew $17 million in funding for the Cameroonian Armed Forces.

BBC Africa Eye. Image source: BBC

And there is much more truth Bellingcat has discovered, so how? Bellingcat has been using leaked Internet video, Google Maps photos, and satellite imagery to support its investigation, along with thousands of human resources from 20 different countries.

Recently, Bellingcat has conducted an investigation into the border clashes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan crisis in April 2021 and found that the crisis may be related to the harsh environmental situation due to climate change from satellite imagery. In terms of COVID-19, Bellingcat specifically looked at and studied patterns in Twitter data using Twitter API and Python, to show the severity and speed of escalation of the coronavirus crisis in India last year.

The map shows Twitter posts containing the words “help” or “urgent” in India. The color shows what percentage of these posts also contain the keyword “oxygen.” Image source: Bellingcat

Now, Bellingcat is an independent open-source platform that brings together researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists to conduct investigations into war, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld to achieve greater transparency and accountability. Their work also has been recognized by the general Press industry and receives awards each year for their incredible work.


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