Resourceful Global Social Innovation Community to Join

Are you looking for a global community to join? that focuses on social innovation/changemakers/social entrepreneurship/social impact/social change/and any innovation related? We are the first online social innovation resource curated platform, and we aim to share all the resources associated with social innovation around the world and empower people to be social innovators and be part of the change.

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So why join us?

We provide/share:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • All related resources sharing (event, research, website, courses, case study, tools, fellowship and etc)
  • Updates on social innovation, social enterprise, social problems and design thinking
  • Mini-class on versatile skills
  • Diversified events hosted on Discord weekly
  • Jobs & internship opportunities posts worldwide
  • Show your ideas or projects
  • Join a number of clubs (Book, Idea, Video, Movie, Music, and Self-care clubs)
  • Get inspired and making friends globally and locally

What will you gain?

  • Become a social innovation savvy
  • Get unlimited free resources
  • Personal & professional skills development
  • Engage in our Discord events on a variety of topics, to let our minds blow
  • Possibility to become one of our Admins to manage the community
  • Get the occasional giveaway.
  • Make friends
  • And more

What is Discord and why did we choose it?

Our community is built on Discord, which is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform. It is popular for gaming, yoga classes, comedy fan clubs, and even runs entire podcasting businesses. Discord is for anyone who can use a place to talk to their friends and communities, and it’s the best place for community engagement and has a big potential to stand on the top.

So Now how to join?

If you already have a Discord account, then just click the invitation link and it will direct you to our community immediately. If you are totally new, then you have to create a Discord account either by phone or email, and click the invitation link to find us afterward. (Invitation link: or

After you created and opened it, then congrats, you are already in our spot. But what’s showing on your page is just our default channels as it shows below, there are some actions you need to take in order to access our +50 channels, same as the instructions are given in the #welcome channel.

social innovators home Discord community

Step 1: Go to the #rule-and-unlock channel, read our rules and click the thumb-up emojišŸ‘ as shown in picture 1 (it is a step to verify that you have read the rules). OR type Wick’s captcha which will be sent to you PM (private message) as shown in picture 2.

picture 1: social innovators home Discord community
picture 2: social innovators home Discord community

Step 2: You will see more channels after verification, then you head to the #rule-assignment section to find and join any channels that you are interested in by clicking on the corresponding emojis.

social innovators home Discord community

Step 3: We welcome new members to introduce themselves and get to know each other a bit more. (in the #introduction channel)

social innovators home Discord community

Aha, Then you are in our community and can access our unlimited resources as much as you want, and you will receive our announcements and engage with us in many different ways.

How to join our events:

social innovators home Discord community

We will host different discord events (mainly discussions) and stages (live events) weekly, so you can find them under the GENERAL theme but in different places and attend whatever topics you want to join.

*(You can join the discord events in the yellow zone, it depends on whether it’s vocal or typing)

*(Eventsome is the stage place)

Hope to see you there, and let’s build the largest global social innovation community together. Please also share & recommend us to the rest of the world, and let’s make something happen.

This article was edited and published by the original author, no reproduction without consent.

By Social Innovation Insight

We are the bridge of change!

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