Call on anyone who is interested in social innovation!

Hi, there

We are the first online social innovation resource curated platform, and we aim to share all the resources associated with social innovation around the world and empower people to be social innovators and be part of the change.

Right now, we want extra help on the management of social media platforms (on Discord) and help us to grow the audience and reach to more people.

Social innovation Discord server

What is the Discord server we are trying to build?

  • Access to our over 50 channels and free resources
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Jobs & internship opportunities post
  • Knowledge and project share
  • Get inspired and make friends

If you have the same passion and determination, then please join us and let us together make this happen. We’d appreciate it if you could share this or recommend one.

Here is the link:, and you are also more than welcome to join our server.

Thanks and regards,

Social Innovators Home

By Social Innovation Insight

We are the bridge of change!

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