5 exercises to make you more creative from scratch

Everyone could be creative and we should believe in ourselves that we can create and design. Tom Kelly and David Kelley believed in their book: Creative Confidence and so do I, but no one could be creative within a day automatically, it needs training and iteration. Thanks to those great thinkers that we could access to the masterpiece of their work easily, they revealed how they trained their brains to be creative and shared with the public unconditionally. Now let me walk you through one by one method guided by Chihlee University of technology, I may not able to list them all, so please explore more if you are so eager to find out more methods.

Photo linking: Photo is the memory, some are sweet, happy, while some are sad, it has so many vivid memories and emotions withhold. So pick up one photo, and wonder is the photo has any similarity or difference with your current lifestyle and why? How will you feel if the person or thing in the photo is replaced with the person or thing you are interacting with now? When was the last time you think of the person or thing in the photo? and how was your relationship with them at that time? What could happen if the scene in the photo changed to the current circumstance and what is the story? This method triggers your memory and the ability to connect it with your current life, then creative stories may come out afterword.

Credit to Chihlee University of technology

Paris taxi: Guy de Maupassant, the great short novel writer, once asked his teacher how to access to abundant writing materials from daily life, and his teacher said: ” go to the street and take a taxi, what you need to do is to find every and each difference between this taxi and other taxies in the whole Paris” What his teacher asked him to do is to find differences from a thing that looks similar, that is a typical observation training. In your daily life, you may observe the differences between each couple you encounter on the street, from their walking, hugging, talking and eyes contact, you may look into how a person is eating his or her food in the restaurant, you may find the difference between each counter in the shopping market and etc. When you have accumulated enough materials then qualitative change and creativity come along.

Credit to Chihlee University of technology

Use your opposite hand to brush your teeth: So many psychologists said the habit is the biggest obstacle when it comes to creativity and William James once said that genius has nothing special but has the ability to understand things from a non-habitual way. The habit is a cage for creativity so break the cage and embrace the sky. Let’s assume that you use your right hand to brush your teeth all the time, then now try to use your left hand or try to use your left leg if your right leg is always stepping forward first. Free from the habits by finding them first. For example, you always use a certain sequence to finish your work, then try to mix up your sequences and see what could happen. If you always try to use a non-habitual way to think and do things, then you will find creative solutions finally.

Credit to Chihlee University of technology

Color bath: This is a method to immerse yourself in the color, it could be simply collecting information without a certain aim, or it could be done when you have a specific target. First, decide your lucky color for today and it could be any color, then find each and everything that is related to the color you have chosen, it could help you to discover so many things in your daily life that you have ignored before. It is not only restricted in color, but you could also use shape, voice, location and etc. It could also extend to the ’emotion bath’, where you use emotion as your guide star to collect every detail. Creativity happens when you mix the right amount of your existing information in your brain, which is based on the information you have collected.

Credit to Chihlee University of technology

Seven-colored parrot: Seven-colored parrot is a way of appreciating great plays, so this method is about acting and play. So why do you need to act? actually this is about empathy. I have shared with you the techniques of empathy in the human-centered-design, where you have to put your own foot in other’s shoes to feel what they feel. When you act like them, be like them, then the relative emotions or feelings would be generated. For example, what is a good way of approaching a 10-year-old kid when you try to sell? Now try to kneel down and shorten your hands and legs like a 10-year-old kid, then you could feel the difference with your vision, and you cannot grasp and reach objects easily. This is a way for you to experience the feeling of being a kid, to fully understand their situation, then create and design from their perspective.

Credit to Chihlee University of technology

Creativity needs a good amount of time of training and the ‘right’ training methods, when you get used of those thinking approaches, then creativity would favor you finally. I could be creative, he could be creative, she could be creative and you could also be creative. This article was edited by the original author without their consent, and should not be reproduced.

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