You are an amazing social entrepreneur, don’t let public speaking stop you

Who needs public speaking skills? You may say a great person who needs to convey the message to the public, or a great leader who has to inspire the followers to make a difference. As I mentioned here: How to deliver an astonishing presentation, where pointed out that everyone has to ‘deliver a presentation’ somehow to your friends, family, coworkers and even strangers, hence, surprisingly, everyone need public speaking skills.

If you ask me who would be the one to deliver the public speaking, then I would say anyone, who has a strong message to convey and it is for the public good, and it may include entertainment as well. When you look at “public speaking”, you may imagine a person standing in front of hundreds of people and talk, while what your imagination may not represent the whole story as some celebrities claimed that one-minute performance needs ten years of preparation. However, the ordinary only witness one-minute performance.

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Public speaking follows certain sequences. When we received a topic which is not familiar, then we need to do certain researches about the topic and find the main theme which the talk would cover. Furthermore, knowing the expectations of your topic from your audience, what the audience would like to know from this talk, and what information they would like to acquire; Once you know the materials of the theme from the research, then you need to structure them, to make it in order and give your audience a taste of ‘Aha moment’; Decide the purpose or agenda of your topic, is it a pursue, exhortation, enlightenment or something else. Till now the paperwork is done, so you need to prepare the tools or instruments you need, a projector, survey, pens, paper, etc, and most importantly the place where you will perform, and it usually depends on how many audiences you expected, related to your topic theme or the interactive activities you will do with your audience; Last but not least, specify the time you need for each section in order to control the period of time, to keep the desire of the audience and also engage into your topic.

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Great public speakers engage with the audience, but they still focus on the topic itself, not the audience, otherwise, the audience leads the speaking, not the speaker, and it is a great tip for us when it comes to interacting with the audience. Besides, body language can tell. When we get nervous on the stage, we will act somehow unconsciously which is not appropriate on the stage, and this may convey a message to your audience that you are nervous and you are not ready yet. The most obvious one is you stand still with a tight fist, and you may cross your arms to show your unconfidence, etc. Those gestures have a negative message, and the audience knows but usually not the performers. So the solution is to practice the powerful postures before the performance, this can increase your confidence level. And you could imagine that you are the expert who is the only one knows today’s topic and everyone listens to you carefully. This may sounds self-deception, but psychology does affect our mind and body.

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Practice makes it perfect, and it applies to everyone. Do several rehearsals to make it predictable, and you may record it to find the places where you could do better. The alternative way is to find some friends or ‘experts’ to watch your rehearsal and receive feedback to improve yourself afterward. When we prepare the ‘speaking’ part, the most obvious is the tone, the voice, and the facial expression, all of those elements complete speaking. Regarding this, please read my other post: How to deliver an astonishing presentation. Learning is never an end, a great platform for speakers is TED talk, learning from them and try to imitate them, then create your own speaking style. It is never an easy task, but it’s worth doing.

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