Want to be a leader? then start from the presence

Everyone can be a leader somewhere, no matter while area you are. This is the biggest take-away I came up with after finished the whole book. Sometimes I feel reluctant when it comes to the thought that I can lead people, let alone the leadership development, but the awkward thing is I tried to adopt the leadership development when I was in Uganda, then started to actually read books about leadership. People need the push to realize and do things, while some person hasn’t even found the push yet.

What is leadership and what we can do to make ourselves a leader? Leadership Presence tells me that leadership is all about people, about how to connect to them, how to appreciate and inspire them, and most importantly how to be humane. It is easy but hard to maintain and apply to every single person around you. Leadership is about being present with people, so what is the presence, a state that you can be in the place where are you now, a state that you can immerse yourself with surroundings, and a state that you live livelily. As for leadership, it is an ability to connect with each other and understand the real situation, but not just sit in the office and think what you thought it could be. ‘The core of leadership is the interaction, the connection, the relationship between a leader and the people she leads.’ Have you ever encountered a situation where you are having a conversation with someone, while you are listening to them, but all of a sudden, there’s something else popped up in your mind, and you can not listen to them at all. This is the opposite of being present, and no one could appreciate it.

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A leader is not a title, and you don’t need a title to lead a group of people toward obtaining a particular result. Hence is what I pointed out that everyone can be a leader somewhere, where you are an expert, where you have the most confidence. A leader can be more than one person, a bunch of people who have the same thoughts and persistence to achieve the results. ‘Leadership Presence: the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others, in order to motivate and inspire them toward the desired outcome.’

Presence can be subdivided into 4 parts, where P stands for being present, the ability to be completely in the moment- let all of your thoughts go and fit into the moment. R stands for reaching out, the ability to build a relationship- to truly understand the people with empathy. E stands for expressiveness, the ability to express feelings and emotions appropriately by using all means, furthermore, the mindset and your expressions need to be consistent. S stands for self-knowing, the ability to accept yourself, to reflect your values- self-knowing is always tricky, but discover more and more then you will find more and more about yourself in different ways.

Everyone has the ability to be a leader and it is our responsibility as well, if we all have the ability to motivate and inspire others, then there is no outsider, who gives up on themselves, who destroys everything around them, who even hurts other people. Wake up your inner beast and become a leader where you have the passion and willingness to dedicate yourself in.

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