Are you a social entrepreneur? you can be one

Social entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. ” For me, it is more than a spirit to challenge the old fashion and the courage to face difficulties. And social entrepreneurship has its own social responsibilities in terms of entrepreneurship in general.

In some books, they often ask people to think about the resources they have in order to tackle social problems to develop social entrepreneurship, but it is not always true. Social entrepreneurship has to face social problems even with limited resources and it is more about courage and not stopped by barriers. Resources are scarce, but social entrepreneur knows how to utilize them.

I remember one of the trainers in Uganda asked whether an entrepreneur is born or made, and I found it’s very interesting. Because it seems controversial on this topic. If the entrepreneur is born, then it is not entrepreneurship which requires to against the status quo and challenges the impossibilities. So I prefer the entrepreneur is made, in a way that gives people hope and dream. No matter what, if people don’t have the appropriate atmosphere to nourish the entrepreneurship, then it is impossible to become one even he or she is born to be.

I learned that entrepreneurship has three pillars when I was in Uganda. First one is personal leadership, which means grow yourself internally and externally. The second one is to engage with others, which refers to teamwork and managing people. The last one is entrepreneur thinking, which covers task-oriented thinking, human-centered thinking, and problem approach thinking. There are required skills more than this to become one and I prefer that social entrepreneurship is a process to grow yourself while achieving your social goals.

And the most important thing is to connect your skills and passion when developing social entrepreneurship. For example, my Ugandan trainer told us an interesting story that a teacher from Pakistan developed his social innovation by connecting his hobby and teaching. He created a unique way of teaching by displaying chemical knowledge on cards and play with his students, in which his students are enjoying the game while remembering that knowledge on cards and this innovation gives his great credit on teaching.

I will share with you a tool to help you get that connection as I mentioned above. We call it passion-skills- solution/problem tool. So we use three different colors on cards to define your passions, skills and solution/problem and come up with as many as cards you can, then we randomly chose three cards and see if you can combine them in ways that might spark an idea for a new social enterprise idea. I will show you below for an example.

Credit to Acumen
Credit to Acumen

Once you connected your passion, skills and social problems you want to address, then you are on the way heading to social entrepreneurship. I am already on the way, and you? If you want to learn more then click here to get this online course.

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Are you a social entrepreneur? you can be one – Social Innovators Home
it is very useful, I also shared it on my facebook.


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