What your business stands for? Value proposition design can answer

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I consider this book as a twin book with this Business model generation and they both will help your business grow in a way that customers demand.

They both developed by Strategyzer, which is an expert on this filed. Furthermore, they even created an App, and online courses both are also available on their website, to transfer their wisdom and shape the future business. I have to point out that this book is full of illustrations, which is delightful in giving you a feeling of reading comic books. The skills or tools used should cooperate with the Business model canvas, if you can start your business based on these two aspects, then I have to say you are on the right track.

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This is how the value proposition looks like. The right part emphasizes on understanding your customers, which is also called the customers’ profile. Customer jobs describe what outcomes your customers want to achieve in their work or their lives. Pains related to bad results or outcomes from customer jobs. Gains talks about what outcomes your customers want to get and what do they want to achieve.

The left part is related to your services or products. Products&services are the place to list your services or products. Pain relievers displays how your services or products help your customers alleviate their pains. And Gain creator describes how your product or services can create gains to your customers.

After you analyzed those factors then prototype comes. This is to make your services&products tangible with limited resources and try every possibility to drag them out on the market. It is crucial to find the right market fit and make your services&products demandable and desirable.

Basically, the secret to starting the right business is to combine Value proposition design, Business model canvas, and HCD (design thinking). Those tools can help us to design services&products that customers want and fit in the market to generate cash.

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